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Awesome Web Apps is a free collection of web apps for the iphone and ipod. If you have any problems or suggestions, contact us at All apps are best viewed by installing to your home screen by tapping the button at the bottom of your screen then clicking on the (Add to Home Screen) button. If you find the apps helpful or useful please consider a small donation to paypal, it helps keep the server running and us making new web apps. Donations are appreciated but certainly not required. All apps have been tested on ios 5.01

Awesome Restaurant Recipes

Awesome Restaurant RecipesEasily prepare recipes from your favorite restaurants with the Awesome Restuarant Recipes app, Learn how to prepare Starbucks Frappuccino, Hostess Cupcakes, York Peppermint Patties, TGI Fridays Garlic Chicken, Taco Bell Chalupa, Nutri-Grain Bars and many more.

Awesome Coffee Recipes

There's an art to making a scrumptious cup of coffee, it involves some little tricks and a few special ingredients to get it just right. Start your day off with a great cup with some help from our Awesome Coffee Recipes app.

Awesome Barbecue Recipes

It's hard to beat the taste and aroma of a perfectly barbecue grilled steak with all the fixin's. Awesome Barbecue recipes app is here to help you find the recipes that you will need to have a great and tasty barbecuing experience.

Awesome Camping Recipes

You'll have a blast of a camping trip with these Easy, fast and delicious camping recipes to try on your next camping trip. Camping is the ideal escape from the normal everyday routines... So choosing the right meal should be just as easy..

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